Progress to date

Governments across the UK must legislate so that people can choose whether to register a death in person or online.

Relevant clauses on the establishment of an online register have been included in the Data Protection and Digital Information (no2) Bill currently progressing through Parliament.

Governments across the UK must conduct a review of the flow of information from death registration to relevant public bodies and industry, including the feasibility of extending the remit of Tell Us Once

Some work is underway in the General Register Office, the Government Digital Service and within DWP but the scope and prioritisation of this work is not clear and we believe it requires further attention. Probing amendments have been prepared for the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill

Government departments and regulators must ensure bereaved customers are treated fairly and sensitively by working with relevant industry groups to develop minimum standards for death administration processes.

There is currently a lack of leadership within government or industry, and has been a prohibitively high evidence requirement from the UK Regulators Network (UKRN), to make change on this sensitive issue.