Information for parents and carers about UK Commission on Bereavement surveys for children and young people

Dear parent or carer

Thank you for your interest in the UK Commission on Bereavement’s surveys for children and young people about support when someone close has died. This page gives you more information about the surveys. You can print this information off here and read it in these languages.

The UK Commission on Bereavement is reviewing the support offered to bereaved people in the UK, and how this could be improved. The Commission has launched a call for evidence from individuals and organisations.

As well as hearing from adults, the Commission wants to hear from children and young people who have experienced the death of someone close to them, like a parent, sibling, grandparent, uncle, aunt, cousin, friend, teacher in the last five years, and from their parents. Their responses will help the Commission identify ways that support for bereaved children and young people can be the best possible. It is important that we hear directly from children and young people to get their ideas.

Who are the surveys for?

There are three surveys available online:
one for children aged 5-12,
one for children aged 13-15 and
one for young people aged 16 - 17.

They are for children and young people bereaved in the last three years. The survey for 5-12 year old's includes some questions for you as the parent or carer.

The surveys should only be completed by children and young people who are comfortable to talk about their bereavement. It is their choice whether to take part or not. Everyone deals with bereavement differently but we suggest that they are at least six months on from their bereavement.

If you wish to print off the surveys, they are available in word formats: 

children aged 5-12
children aged 13-15 
young people aged 16-17

How should you be involved?

    • If your child is aged 5-12,  you will need to give your consent for you and your child to take part. The survey starts with some questions for you about support for bereaved children and young people, and the rest of the survey is for your child to complete. Children should have you or another trusted adult with them when they complete the survey, so that you can explain the questions to them if needed and support them before, during and after the survey.
    • If your child is aged 13-17 they can complete their own survey but again we ask that they have a trusted adult with them as they do so, to offer support and make sure they understand and complete the relevant privacy sections

Please refer to our frequently asked questions you might have about your child’s participation. Please note Welsh language translations of the surveys for Children and young people will be available shortly.